Being THAT Mom

From working mom, to stay at home mom, to working at home with my kids mom. I have 3 kids, and sometimes I even have 4. How have I found the time to feed, care, nurture AND build a business while all being at home. It’s taken a lot of effort to separate my work and home life, and I mean A LOT.

Many of the other small business owners I work with are in the same predicament, small kids, wanting to grow, and also just being a normal mom. A normal mom? You know the one in the minivan picking up the kids after school, going from activity to activity, all while the food is in the slow cooker. Ha Just kidding, if it was THAT easy all of the time being a mom, well i’m definitely doing something wrong. Here’s a little list that helps me:

MEAL PLANNING – Every Sunday my husband, Codi, and I sit down and price shop every possible flyer we can find. Flipp is the easiest option for us as every flyer is right in the palm of our hands. We only shop sales and meal plan for 7 days at a time. We clip it on the app and shop places that price match, usually “Save on Foods” and “Walmart.” We have 4 kids, money is tight and it’s not coming from the tree in our backyard.

SCHEDULE – I always say it and I will forever say it, scheduling and consistency will save you, mind, body and soul. I sit down once a week, usually on Sundays while I am meal planning and figure out my schedule. Cheerleading, Mondays; Gymnastics, Tuesdays; Parent Link, Wednesday Morning; Orders to be filled, and shipped. It helps a lot, I know when I am available, and when I can sit and drink coffee in silence… of my dog breathing in my ear. I highly recommend The Happy Planner, its cute, affordable and you can have pages for everything and anything. If they don’t have it, there is a template on Etsy for that.

BEING PRESENT – I have reflected so much on this topic. In our society we are so consumed with being everywhere at once that it doesn’t actually let you be in the moment. Step back, and realize, your BABIES need you. I’m a working mom, I get it. I want to be with my kids, but I also want to be successful, move forward, and grow. Putting my phone away, and BEING in the moment, giving it my all, in everything that I do. There comes a time and a place when you need to do certain multitasks, but it’s not ALL THE TIME. Be at work, be at home, be with your kids, be with your husband, live in that current moment.

SET BUSINESS HOURS – I used to go around the house, phone glued to my hand, scrolling constantly. Why? The thought of missing a moment, or a potential lead, actually hurt my feelings. Then it hit me, most of my clients are mom’s, dad’s, grandparents, and all of these people are surrounded by children. Children=Time consumers. There is a time and a place, it doesn’t matter what 12 hours you work in a day, as long as you work them.

These are just some of my tips, if you have any for me feel free to share them in the comments. I would absolutely love the feedback. Follow along with my new blogging journey, get to know the me, behind Supernova Creations.


Shelbie Owen

CEO – Supernova Creations

Owen Family Christmas – Donnelly Photography


About Supernova Creations

The owner and creator of Supernova Creations. I have three little girls of my own, with 1 little bonus daughter as well! We are a busy home but I have so much passion for the cute outfits and hair clips that I love to create! :)

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2 thoughts on “Being THAT Mom

  1. Wendy Greene says:

    Very nice of you to share!

  2. Amanda says:

    Love your blog post about working mom-life.
    I have been doing as such since my daughter was born and she is now 4yrs
    So much of what you have written here resonated with me and couldn’t be more true.
    So many learning moments, realizations, hard truths and more but in that 4 years and esp the last two I’ve learned resilience, balance, strength and the realization that I DO have time, I don’t have to feel guilty and it’s %100 Achievable to be an entrepreneur and a stellar Mamma! Planning and scheduling are key!!

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