Back To School Season

Ooof, welcome back to THE BLOG. The blog of all blogs, well because I told myself I would keep up on it and I didn’t. I guess that makes me normal. Between 4 girls, a husband, business and homeschooling, it’s been an adventure to say the least. We made the decision this year to send the kids back into school, because I was having a really hard time juggling work, kids and honestly just trying to be me. Going through changes, growing up, different friend groups, working on goals, doing everything and feeling like getting nowhere has been exhausting.

With this new season, we are going to be authentic as authentic can be, showing the real, raw version. What life is ACTUALLY like for us with all the things. For anyone who has been following along for years, or if you’re new here… Welcome, Nice to meet you. I started Supernova when I was 17 and my daughter Nova was just a few months old. We did it to make some money to help buy groceries and I enjoyed making all the cute outfits for her and other people too. We did trade shows every week and I brought her with me constantly. When she was 2 I met, Codi and we got married 4 years later making a total of 8 years together! We added a couple more kids and now there is 6 of us.

Running Supernova hasn’t always been easy, in-fact it’s been so stressful at times I just wanted to throw in the towel and walk away from it all. BUT, I always pick it back up. Since we’ve started we’ve added a fabric printed, a laser engraver, a 10 head brother embroidery machine, multiple heat presses and we have employed multiple people to help grow our ever growing business. Supernova to me, means helping our clients reach their desired products, make items you feel of value, making products that bring memories and joy into your everyday lives. This past year we have grown at a rate, I am mindblown about. Covid kicked our ass financially and we are finally making some progress. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for telling your family, friends, clients, people you know, everyone about us. Tagging us on social media, that one tag makes people feel safe, that we are a reliable community to order from.

This year, we have some large goals for our Christmas season, and you will see some new products I KNOW you will all love pop up. So keep hanging on, telling your friends and being apart of our clan. We appreciate you are so very much.

Ps. We are looking for more wholesale clients for our promotional lines. This offers wholesale pricing for pens, notebooks, cups, stickers, shirts, jackets, ect. Embroidery, Engraving, Full Color Prints, Sublimation, and if we can’t do it we know someone who can. We offer great pricing and you can help us with our small business, WIN WIN.

-The Owen Family 🥰



About Supernova Creations

The owner and creator of Supernova Creations. I have three little girls of my own, with 1 little bonus daughter as well! We are a busy home but I have so much passion for the cute outfits and hair clips that I love to create! :)

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