Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire – Family Stay

Hello beautiful,

This year has been filled with so many pivots, changes, growth and all around love. We have been creating more and more products for all of our clients, we have been going on adventures and we have been soaking up all of the personal growth. I know it’s only 5 months in the year, but this is my favourite one yet. Wait… 5 months into the year already?! Geez, what an adventure so far. My husband recently stepped away from his out of the home job, to being a stay at home dad and I am more than thrilled. Obviously navigating working more hours, while my husband takes over the daily “mom” tasks I am so very used to… we are learning, pivoting, changing.

I made it our goal this year to experience more traveling, adventures and spending a lot of time fully connecting with our family. We recently took a last minute trip to Calgary to pick up some hover boards… because, why would I buy brand new hoverboards for children under the age of 12… anyways. Usually we stay at The Best Western Plus Port O’Call Hotel but the pool was closed for maintenance. Last time it was packed, so i’m not overly offended, it was a great experience. Instead we stayed at The Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire – Marriott. It was absolutely gorgeous, everyone was so quick to help us unload, quick check in, it smelled nice. This place… was immaculant. Honestly, I was a little nervous when I first stepped in, because like… 3 wildly excited, bouncy, hungry little girls… usually stirs up something. “Mrs. Owen, your room is 222, on the second floor right beside the pool.” Girl, let me tell you… I was like royalty. Turn around to go get my kids gathered, no Ma’am, My husband and the bell hop had them all ready to go, organized and into the elevator… waiting on me?! I was there for MAX 5 minutes. Usually pool hotels, have you know the pool smell, nope not this place. We get to our room, THE MINI FRIDGE WAS STOCKED. I have only ever seen on movies people getting drunk out of the mini fridge, what a wild ride. We got a room with 2 beds which were in a bedroom and the couch also turned into a bed. This room, was sooo roomy the PERFECT place for our kids. Side note, the pool is open till 11. Blessed, just so blessed. They had the nicest work out room, the cutest dressing rooms, and has the NICEST shampoo and conditioner. The pool wasn’t overly busy, the perfect depth, and the hot tub sat under a giant glass window, it was beautiful and the hot tub was hot and actually very deep, but it was very very nice. Whenever we stay at a hotel, we stop and get snacks. Usually chips and a drink each. We always, always make chocolate covered strawberries. They were quick to bring us bowls and utensils and so kind about the whole thing. We ordered in pizza in our matching PJ bottoms, and just had the most fun time ever. We spent hours in the pool, met new friends and had a blast. Codi and I were sitting in the room with the girls to eat some pizza and we googled 222, our room number. “Trust that everything is working out exactly as it’s supposed to, with Divine blessings for everyone involved,” and “Let go and have faith.” It was a real, ah ha moment, we were exactly where we needed to be in that very moment. Everything about this hotel, was just amazing. There is a spa/salon on the first floor… so, next “business” trip… this place will be my first pick. Pricing also wasn’t bad at all, it was clean, people were friendly, I felt safe and it was a true blessing to spend all that time soaking up our little family. Huge thank you to the hotel for making us feel so welcome, I highly recommend staying here.


-The Owen Family



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